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1.You have no nice photos of you and your babies.

2. You're pregnant, over the sickness stage and want to celebrate how incredible your body is right now!

3. You recently had a baby and want to feel comfortable and beautiful in your new Mummy body. 

4. You are due soon or have a very new baby and want to document those first special newborn days.

5. Your baby's Birthday is coming up ( Hooray let’s eat cake ! )

6. Your Birthday is coming up ( what better reason than this ? )

7. Baby slept through the night and you feel like a new woman, yeehah !

8. Baby is still not sleeping through the night and you need to treat yourself, of course you deserve it. 

9. You're feeling free and happy and loving being a new Mummy.

10. You're struggling In your relationship due to the recent big change but really want to have some fun together and document it.

OK one more....

11. it will be Christmas before you know it and that's always a good excuse. 

None of these work for you? Let me know and i'll think of some more...

Good to go? contact me using the form here.

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A proper smash for Charlie on his First Birthday 🎂

Charlie's parents Abigail &.... bought little 

Charlie along on his actual 1st birthday. 

I think I was just excited as them to be honest, well after all it is a big milestone​ and probably the most important one through the eyes of a parent. 

Those last twelve months of nurturing, bonding and many sleepless nights not to mention endless nappy changes and baths.

​​Turning one is a great milestone in that more than likely the firsts begin, the first tooth, the first curl, the first food and the first steps. 

​​So what better way to celebrate this amazing landmark for any parent than to incorporate a cake smash as close to their baby's 1st birthday. 

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The Travelling Dress Collective - Featuring Tara

I have heard a lot about a travelling dress collective a few times but in January 2019 I decided it was about time I push my creativity a little bit harder than I normally would.

Therefore I decided to join a travelling dress collective with eleven other members from a photography background. They were all living in England but spread mainly in the Southern region of the country.

I contributed towards the cost of a designer dress along with the other members and was allocated a set date.

My weekend happened to coincide with Easter weekend so knowing that I wouldn’t get me body into the sized 6/8 sequinned adorned piece by then, I searched for a more suitable model.

My model was Tara, she has an extensive dancing background and I used to dance with her Mother back when I was younger.

Tara is 16 years old and has recently been fortunate enough to receive a place at The Laine theatre dance school in London.

Having her last week of festivals she was only too happy to assist me on my own personal project.

We discussed ideas, locations, hair and make up and then set about our day,

Thankfully the weather was Summer-like and the sun shone amazingly as did Tara.

With pointe shoes and dancing tights she put on the dress and came alive as if ‘dancing’ to a score whilst on stage.

The passers by were in awe, many asking questions and telling us their dancing connections. One lady’s sister was a dance teacher in Zimbabwe another man worked at the local Kings Theatre in Southsea for many years.

It was so great to see the public’s response, Tara was making many dance like movements, posès and I captured her in the essence of the atmosphere.

Our setting used was the Southsea Castle and surrounding walls and beautiful sand coloured wall backdrops. These really echoed the colour of the travelling dress and also Tara’s hair colouring too.

I asked Tara why she loved dancing so much and this is what she said to me;

I started dancing when I was just years old and I have loved it ever since

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